20 years


New address Dextra Asesores:

Avenida Maisonnave 9 – escalera 2, 3º derecha – 03003 Alicante

Dextra Asesores

We provide comprehensive and tailor-made advice according to the needs of any business in the areas of tax liability, accountancy, business, and trade.

For more than 20 years Dextra Asesores has been active in this very specialized field, which becomes more and more complex every day.

Businesses and businessmen have to deal with a variety of problems on a daily basis. Essential to find the best approach and solution is being able to rely on the assistance and services of qualified and experienced professionals.

We believe that the basis for guaranteeing a good service rests on solid education. Therefore our advisers have the university qualifications required for the tasks they perform, are registered in the corresponding Professional College and attend regular update courses.

Committed to guarantee a fluent communication with our clients and an agile cooperation with the different state institutions, like the National Tax Office and Seguridad Social, we use the latest available technologies for which we possess the required qualifications.

As an additional guarantee to our clients, and adhering to our professional policy of responsibility and efficiency, the inherent risks in the services we provide are covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI).

To ensure correct and fluent communication, at Dextra Asesores we can also assist you in Dutch, English, German and French.


Fiscal Advice

We provide comprehensive, personalized and highly effective solutions in terms of business savings.


With highly qualified and specialized professionals, we monetize your company’s resources.

Commercial Advice

As experts in Commercial and Corporate Law, we advise companies in their different phases of their existence, from their incorporation until their liquidation.

Economic Advice

The economic and financial analysis offers businessmen or professionals accurate and analytical information of the real situation of their company at all times.


Accountancy – Commercial

Preparation of financial reports for financial institutions, feasibility studies, incorporation and liquidation of companies, advising accounting departments, arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy administration, company restructuring, mergers and divisions.


Relations with the National Tax Office (A.E.A.T), relations with the Ministry of Finance, Tax advice to individuals and entities, Tax representation, preparation and submission of all tax forms.

No residents

Contact point for non-Spanish speaking clients with the other departments of our company, Preparation and submission of tax returns for non-residents, Translations, Spanish residence certificates, Tax and legal advice for non-residents, application of work and residence permits.